Online store - which one to choose? SaaS-type store? Or is it OpenSource? Magento or Prestashop? What kind of online store for beginners as well as advanced people. Or dropshipping? About all this I will try to write today

Hi. I stated that I would share my knowledge and write today about which online store to choose. Many of you are always wondering which store to bet on. At the very beginning we need to know what budget we have. Can we afford a SaaS store or a store on an OpenSourc solution. However, before wgl. we will start talking about it then we will clarify the most important things.

I will try to make this post easier to navigate with headings. You choose what you want to read about 馃檪

Which online store to choose
SaaS, Open Source, Prestashop, Magento. Which online store to choose. Blog

Online store - SaaS store

SaaS - Software as a Service or Software as a Service. The store is maintained at the service provider and made available to the customer. The model for such a store is usually to pay a subscription to the store's software provider. Examples of such software include Shoper, IAI, i-systems and many other companies. I didn't mention the names of these companies by accident, as I've interacted with each of them. Shoper is cheap, IAI is good but not quite and i-systems - here you have to have very and it's a lot of money.

Online store and your budget. What are the pros and cons of SaaS model stores

As I mentioned at the beginning. If you want to put up your online store then you need to know what budget you have for it. Unfortunately, I will speak negatively about the SaaS model due to the fact that there are high costs. Of course, you will encounter where most of the Internet will tell you that it is a cheap solution. However, it is not as hop as it seems. SaaS is not with you but with the provider. You pay a subscription. Fact - you have support and that is a plus, but any new functionality or things going beyond the SaaS model, or failures are covered by you. These are not small costs. Programmers, on average, net 170zl per hour.

I have been in contact with a B2B SaaS store and a B2C store on an OpenSourc solution - Prestashop. In SaaS, you have limited options. Limited access to the FTP server, database, or back-end of the site.

The plus side is that you actually have the support and availability of this service. Many companies additionally offer their solutions, which are sure to stand out from the competition.

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Online store and your budget. What are the downsides and upsides of OpenSource stores like Prestashop or Magento

By way of introduction. Prestashop is for beginners and those crawling with Internet sales. It is a great tool for your first store and Internet sales. Magento is currently the best e-commerce store in the world and the most advanced. Slightly similar to Presta, but very difficult to use. The pluses of both stores are independence. You pay only for the domain, hosting, SSL. No additional subscriptions. You have full access to your site, server, FTP, database, back-end. You can edit styles, modify source code and program (if you can). Every store on OpenSource has its pros and cons. At a glance, there are plenty of pluses. However, we must remember that it's open code that everyone knows and you may be vulnerable to attack.

Online store on Prestashop

Online store on Prestashop - What kind of online store to choose - Blog
Online store on Prestashop - What kind of online store to choose - Blog

As I mentioned - a store for beginners. The online store is easy to use, has a user-friendly interface and very many free as well as paid modules. Prestashop also has Polish support - but it's not exactly good. You will not solve all topics at once. If you buy a module or style then you have direct contact with the publisher - then contact is ok. You can set up the store itself on Prestashop for free without buying paid modules or styles. You can build your first online store and start your first sales. It's worth plugging in a blog to boost your SEO. The possibilities or modularity are many.

Pros of an online store on Prestashop

  1. Multilingualism
  2. Lots of functionality
  3. Extensive free and paid modularity
  4. A wide closet of styles
  5. Market
  6. Product organization
  7. Custom features
  8. Frequent updates and software development
  9. Quite interesting SEO
  10. Strongly developed marketing to analytics and sales
  11. OpenSource

Downsides of an online store on Prestashop

  1. Difficult to edit templates
  2. Complicated design,
  3. Not very efficient and fast - it is quite slow
  4. Lack of compatibility when it comes to switching from 1.6 to 1.7 (recommends staying on 1.6 because on 1.7 many options are unavailable from 1.6)

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Online Store on Magento

Magento online store - What kind of online store to choose - Blog
Magento online store - What kind of online store to choose - Blog

Magento as I already know has been bought out by Adobe. Magento's potential is without question or denial. It is currently the best e-commerce system in the world. The downside is that you need a good server as well as good patience because of the advanced system. Magento just like Prestashop is multi-modular. In addition, you can write new functionality and create a "tailor-made" store. However, in the case of Magento, we won't just hire a person to write something for us. It's best to find a Magento specialist who actually knows it and can run our system. The subject is like with a car mechanic - we do at one and not at several because he is the one who already knows our car.

Pros of an online store on Magento

  1. Open Source
  2. Enhanced SEO
  3. Free (however, there is a paid version - does not recommend)
  4. Plenty of options
  5. Clear CMS
  6. Performance
  7. Multiscreen

The downsides of an online store on Magento.

  1. Good server
  2. The cost of the implementation itself, and updates - you need to stay current with the system due to Magento's emphasis on security.
  3. Advanced system and high system development costs

Online store in dropshipping model?

Deviating from the topic. Do you know what dropshipping is? If not, it is worth reading about it. Did you know that without leaving home, without storage, you can open your online store? That's the beauty of dropshipping. However, it's not all beauty that glitters. Dropshipping has its pros as well as cons.

I have already written about dropshipping in my forum: click here to go

Online store in dropshipping model - Which online store to choose? - Blog
Online store in dropshipping model - Which online store to choose? - Blog

Do you see the above picture? You create the store - completely alone at home. You are looking for a wholesaler to hold your goods. The customer buys from your store. The wholesaler gets the signal and sends the goods to the customer. You get the money from the sale, the wholesaler gets the commission and the customer gets the goods. Simple? Simple. Therefore, I'll move on to the downsides

Downsides of dropshipping

  1. You don't know what kind of wholesaler you're dealing with - you have to bet on trust
  2. Unsure if the goods will be shipped the same day or the next day
  3. The goods are packed by the wholesaler, and shipped to the customer. You won't see what it looks like. Is it damaged? Is everything ok with him
  4. As a rule, wholesalers give their descriptions and photos - no uniqueness - your SEO will not be good. You may not be the only one using the same wholesaler, but there may be some other company. Example: ozonee, denley, dstreet - according to. me they operate on dropshipping because they have the same products. How do I choose the best store? Values, features and who advertises better on Google as well as SocialMedia
  5. Returns and complaints - not known.... Depends on what you negotiate with the wholesaler on the contract
  6. And there are probably more, but I wanted to write the most important ones.

The pros of dropshipping

  1. No need to stock up
  2. You can manage everything in your home from your laptop, computer or tablet
  3. Lower costs of maintaining an online store
  4. Access to a large product range due to wholesalers
  5. Good purchase price, margin and sale at your set price
  6. You can link to Prestashop or Magento - it doesn't matter. Any OpenSource model allowed.
  7. You don't freeze capital on the commodity
  8. Sure profit - we pay when we sell the goods
  9. Ideal for launching and starting a business

I think I've told you everything I wanted to tell you about which online store to choose and the possibility of some profit through dropshipping. If I've helped in any way please do give a paw, share, refer me 馃檪

Greetings to you - Patrick 馃檪

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