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KamikStudio - Twój pomysł, nasze kompetencje

Mission and goals

Our mission is to create an even better image of other companies. 
We want to solve our clients' problems by giving them templates, ideas, tools and documentation written in their own language. 
The main goal of KamikStudio is to be a member of the team, suggesting intriguing ideas and eliminating problems. We create a shared story with others and their personal dream image. 
Simply - your idea, our competences ...

We expect and we want

Misja oraz cele firmy KamikStudio
A vision to draw
Mistakes to eliminate
Questions to answer
Cooperation to achieve results
Completed all projects by KamikStudio
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  • "Great communication, full professionalism, reliability and honesty, availability. Thank you for your cooperation and great product. I highly recommend it"
    Żaneta Mikołajczyk
  • "The quality of services at the highest level. Professional approach to the client. Quick, efficient and trouble-free. Great contact!"
    Anna Chaładyn
  • "A reliable and professional approach to the client, the highest culture, trouble-free and full commitment - this is what characterizes this company"
    Kinga Sobiecka
  • "Very good communication, quick action, proactivity and professionalism! I RECOMMEND IT!"
    Ewa Karoń

We will solve the problem by giving you a solution

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Digital Marketing
Outsourcing IT
We will create a website for you or your company. We will make a coherent and functional e-commerce sales system (online store).
We will carry out full digital marketing for you or in your company. We will create campaigns and you pay for the results. We will help with all on-site and off-site SEO activities. We will show you how to run PPC campaigns well. We also provide graphic assistance such as the preparation of advertising materials etc.
We will provide IT solutions and/or IT systems that will help you in your work or business. We will help in choosing the equipment, we will prepare a hardware offer under the agreed budget. We will repair laptops, computers, tablets.
We will run an IT project, prepare a brief, schedule, and research. We will research UX/UI and program your idea into a ready-made solution for clients
Chmura KamikStudio
In the case of Digital Marketing, payment for the effect.
Chmura KamikStudio
Support and warranty for the entire period of cooperation.
Dokumentacja techniczna projektu KamikStudio
Full technical documentation of the project for the client.

... we provide knowledge straight from the industry

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