How to account for SEO - What the entry will be about

How to account for SEO, or how to account for SEO should be known by everyone. Every once in a while a startup is created in Poland, and decent companies go by the wayside. Behind everything goes the price, of course. However, for a good car, I guess we also want to pay well?

First of all, I would like to point out the most important thing! SEO is a PROCESS. It is not a one-time activity. Positioning cannot be done in a month, two, three, four. We need to do optimizations every day. SEO is not Google Analytics.

What is positioning (SEO) and how to account for it

SEO (search engine optimization) in our own words: Search Engine Optimization. We bill SEO as a subscription, as a process. We do it all the time, we don't stop. We control the competition, monitor, optimize. Positioning does not cost X. It's a "subscription" - PROCESS that costs Y.

If a company tells you that it will do your positioning in the amount of 1000zł. It should have closed a long time ago.

If the company says that it will do SEO for you and every month you will pay, for example, PLN 1000 - ok - we have a process. The question is for how long? Unless he does it for life with the domain

How to influence SEO:

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There are thousands of other factors. However, if you stick to the aforementioned basics you are sure to show up in searches.

What we don't do in SEO anymore - How to account for SEO

  1. We do not add our sites to SEO directories. If page X has a thousand referring links = It is no longer worth anything. Its "scoring" is zero and worthless,
  2. The meta-keywords are also gone,

Golden thought. SEM vs SEO - How to account for SEO.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is different from search engine optimization (SEO).

In the case of SEM, companies pay to participate in an auction in which advertising space is at stake. The auction winner's ad is displayed in the search engine.

Tagging keywords in content increases a site's chances of ranking high in search engine rankings. We call this search engine optimization (SEO). This free solution will allow person or company X to reach more potential customers.

However, neither SEM nor SEO provides free advertising space or an optimized site design.

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