How to place a key phrase.

How to place a key phrase? Today I will write everything chaotically, but without pouring water. Back to the question, that is, the eternal question of SEOs, and those beginners. There are many tutorials and articles. However, why pour water when you can say it directly. My key phrase is"how to place a key phrase".

When we are talking about a key phrase then you rather know what SEO is. If not, you are invited here: SEO offerings and what is SEO. If you are still wondering how to account for SEO then I invite you here: SEO is a process, not a one-time action. We must also remember that SEO is divided into on-site and off-site. All off-site activities are SEO and mainly link-building i.e. external linking to our site. On-site is everything we do on our site - meta tags, headers, alt attributes, etc.

Where we put the key phrase

Always in the "FIRST ROW" ie:

The rule is one! If you really want to rank for a phrase then it must always be in the first "row". See what the title of my entry looks like, what the description looks like (by examining the element - meta-description). In H1, H2, in the paragraph.

When a user types "how to place a key phrase" into google, notice that Google only shows results where the phrase is first everywhere. Of course, in the title we can double it, triple it. However, it must all make sense.

How to place a key phrase
How to place a key phrase

What do we need to pay attention to when placing a key phrase?

Text that contains less than 300 words max 3 times. If we have less than 900 words we post a maximum of 6 times. When we have more than 900 words - we place freely. Of course, without exaggeration.

Source: From the main page of the Yoast plugin, and from my own experience 馃檪

Correct key phrase placement and its effects

Probably everyone knows very well that a correctly placed key phrase gives us a higher position in search engine results. We are simply more visible. Of course, we have to give Google a little time. I have also encountered people who think that a search engine is a browser. Therefore, I will correct this trivial and erroneous thinking. A search engine is where you search, such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo. Browser is where you will browse the Internet ie: Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Explorer.

When will my website appear on Google

I will want to cover this topic in a separate post. However, on a quick note. Once you have your site and CMS installed, or self-made code then:

If you don't know what Analytics is see here: Analytics Guide Series. I have not yet written about GSC as well as recorded, but it is an essential tool. With Search Consoli, you can monitor your URLs, effectiveness, mapping and structured data. Additional options appear when you will be plugging in structured data ie Schema. However, this will be discussed in a separate post, and a link will appear here.

What if I've already plugged in Google tools

Then you are left to wait. If you have plugged in sitemap.xml and robots.txt and followed the above steps, then you are left waiting. Remember to intensify your Web site with key phrases. How to place a key phrase I wrote above. Remember that the better you arrange the sitemape, the better the site will be indexed. Look at my example (click on the second sentence in the extensions). It is such details that will allow you to have a greater position. A new page on Google usually appears between 7 and 14 business days

How to look for inspiration in SEO

The answer is simple. Go in on big powerful companies and look at their source code. Check what METAs they have, what structured data they have, what scripts they have. Knowledge from Polish sites-even sites like mine-is and will always be poorer. Also remember, don't look for answers in books. Someone may laugh at me now. However, in six months, a year the book is out of date. Google changes the SERPs every now and then. Google changes its reasoning every now and then. It's the same as if you want to learn programming and a new version of a language comes out soon.

How to place a key phrase so that key phrase cannibalization does not occur

Cannibalization of a key phrase is like a lifetime prison. If we already make an entry, or a page in which we choose a key phrase then we don't make another one. If I now write"how to place a key phrase" then I will not make another post about it. When we duplicate topics that are mainly geared towards phrase X then phrase cannibalization occurs. Our content significantly loses quality.

I think I've written it in a big nutshell and that's enough for this time. However, this post will be updated and broken down in some detail. If you have questions contact me.

Update 2020.

In 2020. In total, a year after adding this entry, I found myself in the so-called "The World of the Future. Google zero position. Google zero position or Direct Answer is a huge distinction, due to the fact that you are always in first place, overlooking all other sites. The most common zero position is found on Wikipedia. Below is a screen shot of what it looks like

How we place the key phrase - position zero in Google
How we place the key phrase - position zero in Google

It is said that item zero is reserved for articles that are described in great pathology and detail. As you can see, I debunk this myth.

I will write about DirectAnswer in my next post

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