The owner of this Web Site available at the Internet address (hereinafter referred to as: " Website " or " Website ") is PATRYK KOWALSKI doing business under the name KamikStudio Patryk Kowalski entered in the Central Register and Information on Business Activity of the Republic of Poland, maintained by the minister responsible for economic affairs, with: address of place of business and address for service: Rodzinna 1/39, 62-800 Kalisz, NIP 6182187584, REGON 387776597, e-mail address: [email protected], telephone number: 519 109 063 (hereinafter as: " Owner " or " Administrator ").


Through the Website it is not possible to conclude a contract for the provision of services, which means that advertisements, price lists, catalogs and other information about services posted on the Website should not be considered an offer, but possibly an invitation to conclude a contract. The conclusion of an agreement may be made as a result of an inquiry addressed to the Owner and after the parties have agreed on the detailed terms of such an agreement - the conclusion and terms of such an agreement, however, are governed by separate general terms and conditions of service of the Owner and may be the subject of individual arrangements between the parties prior to the conclusion of the agreement, conducted, for example, by e-mail, telephone or in person at the Owner's office.

All content and articles that are available on the Site are for informational purposes only. The Owner makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the data presented on the Site are up-to-date and in accordance with the actual state of affairs.

The administrator of the personal data collected and processed in connection with the use of the Website is the Owner. Personal data is processed for the purposes, for the period and based on the grounds and principles indicated in the privacy policy published on the Website. The Privacy Policy primarily contains rules regarding the Administrator's processing of personal data on the Website, including the grounds, purposes and duration of personal data processing and the rights of data subjects, as well as information regarding the use of cookies and analytical tools on the Website. The use of the Website is voluntary. Similarly, the related provision of personal data by the user of the Website is voluntary, subject to the exceptions indicated in the privacy policy (e.g., use of certain electronic services of the Website).


The site is available to all Internet users. As part of the Site, the Owner provides information
about the business it conducts and the services it provides.

Proper use of the Site requires meeting the following technical requirements:

  • Computer, laptop or other multimedia device with Internet access.
  • Email access.
  • Web browser in current version: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge.
  • Recommended minimum screen resolution: 1024x768.
  • Enable cookies and Javascript in your web browser.

Use of the Site is free of charge. Use of the Site shall be in accordance with the law and good morals, with due regard to respect for personal rights, protection of personal data and the rights of the Administrator, other persons using the Site and third parties, including copyrights and intellectual property rights. Unlawful activities that may impede the operation of the Site are prohibited. The delivery of unlawful content is also prohibited.

You may cancel your use of the Site at any time and without giving any reason by closing the website or your web browser.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the use of the Site or any other questions, please contact us.
With the Owner of the Site:

  • via email to: [email protected]
  • via the contact form;
  • by phone at: 519 109 063
  • In writing or in person at the address: Rodzinna 1/39 Kalisz 62-800

In the description of the application, please provide (1) information and circumstances regarding the subject of the application; and (2) contact information of the applicant. We will respond to your request within 14 calendar days.


The following electronic services are available on the Website: contact form.

Use of the contact form is possible after the user performs a total of three consecutive steps - (1) navigating to the "Contact" tab or another tab with an available contact form, (2) filling out the contact form with the data indicated as mandatory, and (3) clicking the "Send Request" field. The contact form requires describing the problem, selecting the group to which the service applies, specifying whether the user is an individual or a company, and the following user data: name and phone number.

The electronic service of the contact form is provided free of charge and is of a one-time nature, and is terminated when the message is sent through it or when the formulation of messages through it is discontinued earlier.

All content sent through the Website should be reliable and contain truthful information. It is forbidden for users to send and post content that violates the rules of netiquette and contains information that is false or may mislead others, as well as content that advertises or promotes directly or indirectly other sites, products and services. The owner reserves the right to remove content that violates the above rules.


Copyrights and intellectual property rights to the Site as a whole and the content, graphics, works, designs and marks available therein belong to the Owner or other authorized third parties and are protected by copyright and other generally applicable laws. Use of the content posted on the Site is permitted without restriction for your own personal use. The use of the content posted on the Site for any other purpose requires the prior express consent of the Administrator or other authorized third parties.


If you have any problems or questions regarding the use of the Site or any other questions, please contact us.
With the Owner of the Site:

  • via email to: [email protected]
  • via the contact form
  • by phone at: 519 109 063
  • In writing or in person at the address: Rodzinna 1/39, Kalisz 62-800

The regulations enter into force on the date of publication

Formularz kontaktowy

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