System integration

Do you need to integrate your online store with an SMS gateway? E-mail? Or maybe an ERP system?

If you want:

  • Your customer and/or you to receive a text message automatically after the purchase,
  • Your customer and/or you to automatically receive an email after purchasing,
  • Your client to connect with you or write to you via real-time chat, or to answer a call from the client within 30 seconds,
  • The order and the contractor to move automatically from ecommerce to ERP,
  • An invoice or a provisional invoice to be automatically generated,
  • An integration of carriers and the automation of the process of issuing a bill of loading, issue a label and automatically print it on the selected printer (you only need to stick the label on the package, because the rest will be done automatically),
  • Receive sales or product reports, Automatic rules related to remarketing or other actions towards the client to be triggered, based on their activity on the website,

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