Project management

We have competences in project management, i.e. creating e-commerce documentation. We perform a thorough research related to your business. Based on the collected UX data (User Experience = Customer Experience), we create your dream UI (User Interface = Customer Interface / View). We analyze the possibility of errors, we suggest solutions and recommendations. We work together, based on algorithms, scenarios and agile methodologies.

We use Attlantis tools, i.e. Jjira, Trello. All projects are carried out according to the schedule based on the Kanban board and timeline. We run the project from beginning to end. We provide post-implementation care.

SEO audits / Website audits

In addition, we perform SEO audits, namely a full website audit that includes all possible user scenarios. We indicate which areas need improvement and those that are correct. We research technologies, content, links and tags inside the website. We analyze (if necessary) account view, basket, purchase finalization, e-mails sent to customers.

We provide the audit in the form of EXCEL. The first tab with the table of contents is always included in the file to be able to move freely around the sheet.

Cooperation with the Kanban board An example of a Kanban board when working with a client. As you can see in the screenshot below, each task has a measured working time, for which we charge the client. Please contact us for more information

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