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What is SEO

In short, SEO = Technology + Content + Linking. There is also SXO, i.e. SEO with the addition of UI / UX. The first SEO effects are usually visible after 3 months of good practice. In some specific industries, such as FASHION, it is even six months up to a year. In your case, I estimate 3 months.

External linking

In a nutshell - the more links lead to the website, the more attractive, visible and real the website is to Google. In external linking, the so-called Anchors are used. Anchor is a linked text, e.g. garden furniture - such linked phrase is called Anchor text. Google knows that there is a link under this phrase that leads to our website. We build awareness that will allow us to index our website just under this phrase.

Therefore, it is very important to provide phrases that we need to focus on. Of course, we do not charge for phrases, but for the overall effect we achieve. The phrases that we want will be indexed, as well as those that come out during our actions - quite unexpectedly and advantageously for us.

Content publications, articles, blog

In our industry, it is said that Content is King. The more content and subpages on our website, the better for Google. Google loves content, it can extract key phrases from it. An important element is to do it well while adhering to good SEO practices, such as headings, meta tags, friendly images with ALT attributes, appropriate number of characters in paragraphs and articles in general. Example? Please type in Google how to put a keyword phrase. KamikStudio will be displayed below the phrase.

The minimum recommendation is at least two blog articles per month.

Technology, website performance

The last of the pillars of good SEO practice. The website must be well written, use good practices, be efficient and ultra fast. Without this pillar, our website will have great difficulties in positioning. Currently, your website has a lot of errors. It requires rewriting.

How do we do it?

We won't say you'll be the first. We will not show you how to achieve success on Google in a month. We will not make the mistakes of another agency. We will not do it for less than PLN 999 net and we do not settle it at one time.

If the agency you work with does so, give it up. If you do not have the person or company that guides you or you want to change - stay with us.

Now please type in Google: how to put a keyword phrase and then come back here. Most likely, you saw us not even in the first place, but in the so-called place zero.

Placing the keyword KamikStudio

Now we're going to show a couple of charts where we are bursting with pride. The red line marks the beginning of cooperation.

These are the effects achieved at a very low cost in just a few months. We look at the chart from the black line to the right. Of course, we also showed a downtrend where you can see two red lines. Unfortunately, we received the effect of the decline by discontinuing operations around January 2022.

It is safe to say that the first effects are usually visible after 2-3 months of SEO. Even the above-mentioned charts say it.

SEO is easy!

SEO as mentioned is: TECHNOLOGY + CONTENT + LINKS. Without these 3 pillars – we can’t do anything. We start with the minimum:

  • Verification of what we have for now - website, store, social, blog, number of external and internal links,
  • Conducting an audit based on building user scenarios and detecting errors on the website. The audit contains incorrectly programmed SXO. What is SXO? (SEO + UX). We also indicate the correct elements that have a positive effect on the website. The audit allows you to estimate the corrections, time and work that must be dedicated to the website. Audit is not only about the number of phrases, visibility, competition, organic results, Google Search Console, sitemaps, robots, Google Analytics and its data, correctness of meta-data, etc. Audit is also about errors, i.e. no headers in product names, incorrect menu, no microdata, schema, pages not found and many others.
  • We implement corrections in accordance with the conducted audit - additionally, we are within the estimates we have provided,
  • We start copywriting,
  • We build links inside and outside,
  • We report

We charge for work, not for items, not for phrases. We respect our time and that of our partner. We want fair-play. We do not have to sign a contract if you do not want to, you can check us and decide what to do next.

In a nutshell - you will get to know us when we can be your Business Partner.

SEO is not a one-time investment - it is a cyclical process month after month

We have already written about the SEO process itself on our blog. However, we must remember that we have to wait up to six months for the effects. We can observe the behaviour of our users through the available tools, such as Google Analytics, HotJar, Pixel or SENUTO / Semstorm. Every week we can see an increase in the number of users or key phrases. It all depends on the intensification of activities, budget and texts on the website.

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