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Hello, we create websites based on the OpenSource engine - WordPress (such as the website we are currently on) or raw websites using CSS / HTML, as in the example: olejdlapsa.pl

The most important thing that needs to be emphasized are the 4 most important features and principles of KamikStudio - which make us different from the competition

1. Technical / design documentation

Each website, including an online store, requires properly written technical documentation. Thanks to this, we can get to know the needs of the future website. Depending on the options, the project describes: contractors, goods, financial settlements, sales, payment methods, carriers, pricing policy, warehouse and many other factors. Sometimes such documentation is about 30-50 pages long and describes each process. Many customers decide on a very simplified version, containing 5-10 pages, in which we provide all the data necessary for logging, databases, file exchange, settings along with the IT history (website record).

Documentation is also understood as carrying out an audit at the client's request, which will indicate errors and correct existing functions of the website. The audit may encompass page positioning errors (SEO) as well as positive aspects that affect the website well.

2. Support before, during and after implementation

KamikStudio, in line with its mission, wants to be a member of your team. We want to understand your needs, eliminate mistakes and be proactive by suggesting ideas for the future or current business. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, since 2018, as a KamikStudio company, we have been able to provide a solution for each of the industries.

We provide support before, during and after the implementation of the project.

The principle is simple - we settle accounts on the basis of working hours in a given month with a settlement (invoice) at the end of the month.

3. Warranty for the entire period of cooperation

A finished project in the form of a website and store has a warranty for the entire period of cooperation with KamikStudio. If by any chance something stops working due to external factors - we fix it at our own expense. We are very confident about our projects, which is why the lifetime warranty also builds trust between KamikStudio and the client.

4. Legal support

KamikStudio gives you a choice. When creating a new website, also a store, legal protection is important. For each project, we recommend options with a lawyer and we provide options without a lawyer based on generally available templates (unfortunately, most of them do not comply with the new legal requirements).

We are a long-term partner of a law and advocate office that provides such services strictly online - for stores and websites. Lots of companies forget that incorrect checkboxes on the website or incorrect information in the privacy policy regarding profiling and tracking may cost more than the revenue generated. GDPR issues, returns, complaints, withdrawal from the contract.

Someone will say - I have a lawyer for such things. Let's ask ourselves a question - but does he/she specialize in strictly online solutions such as stores or websites? How much will it cost us? What costs may we incur if someone reports us?

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