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KamikStudio will create your dream e-commerce, which will be your property. We do not use subscription solutions such as shoper, wix, etc. With such solutions, your store will never be yours. You are very limited when it comes to ownership. You'll never get access to the code and all your website files. This means that you will not be able to modify the code of, for instance: style elements, additional functionalities. You are reliant on the company where you pay the subscription.

KamikStudio implements stores on OpenSource software such as: Prestashop, Magento, WordPress WooCommerce. OpenSource is a free, open source software. With the store you get 100% ownership, copyright transfer and 100% in-store opportunity. Since May 2021, KamikStudio has been the official Prestashop partner. It should also be mentioned that Magento focuses on the highest security. It is currently supported and maintained by the well-known foreign company Adobe. In the case of Prestashop, store security is moderate. WooCommerce is the least secure and stable system. There are no rules of good programming and there is a lengthy and complex code that is burdensome for your store.

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From experience, we can conclude that in the case of

  • a store with an assortment of less than 50 products, we implement WordPress WooCommerce
  • a store with an assortment of more than 50 but not more than 300, we implement Prestashop
  • a store with an assortment of more than 300 items, we install Magento

Of course, it is up to the client to choose, we can make a shop on the Prestashop system with thousands of products.

Each store receives full technical documentation, support and warranty for the store. We make all stores from PLN 2,000 net up, depending on the requirements.

KamikStudio, as a partner of a law firm, also offers legal preparation of the website. We have the option of implementing the regulations or the website's privacy policy. We can provide a complete set of documents regarding distance contracts, complaints, withdrawal from contracts, GDPR, cookie policy

Cooperation - step by step

  • Customer needs analysis - how we see the store in a few years, how we see it now,
  • Research of competing companies - on this basis, we design the UX / UI of the store
  • Preparation of technical documentation, confirmed and agreed on with the client
  • Creating a store based on documentation
  • Store and functionality tests
  • Delivery of the store with the acceptance protocol after passing all the scenarios
  • Optional - post-implementation support Dream store, we get 7 to 21 working days. Usually it takes up to 14 working days. It all depends on the complexity of the functionality. In the case of extensive, advanced stores, the term of work can be estimated even up to half a year - a year.

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