... development department

We start each project with a needs analysis and technical documentation. We provide support before, during and after implementation, throughout the entire period of cooperation. We manage and train, we do not make ourselves independent, we want the client to have an idea of what he chooses and what to be prepared for.

Own shop

Starting with documentation, needs analysis and a common UI designed based on UX. We build a store mainly based on the OpenSource Prestashop system - in the latest version. Support before, during and after implementation 100% guaranteed
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Business card, portfolio, blog, company website, booking website, reservations ... Nothing is impossible. With the website, we also start documentation and needs analysis to design a good UI based on the developed UX
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We provide a service of programming work and support for currently existing stores or websites. We are also working on new or existing projects where such support is necessary. We are competent in this area.
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... a department for implementation, support and analysis

We always say - there is no implementation without documentation! We analyze each user scenario, design the UI (user interface) in accordance with the UX (their experience). We support the entire SXO process (combining SEO with UX). For existing implementations, we start with a reliable audit, which aims to detect errors as well as positive aspects.

System integration and implementation

We will help you integrate your ERP system with your store or website. We will carry out fully automated e-marketing. We have competences in Subiekt, NEXO, StreamSoft, Navireo, SalesManago, SerwerSMS, FreshMail, Baselinker, Allegro.
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Project management and audits

We are competent in project management, in which we create technical documentation and conduct scenario analysis. We detect the advantages and disadvantages of the designed UX / UI. We also provide reliable SEO / SXO audits
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Outsourcing, IT support

Remote assistance, external IT department, assistance in the selection of equipment. If your company needs support from an external IT department - contact us. We also have competence in the installation and deployment of an IT network with a description.
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... design and SEO department

We specialize in positioning websites and creating branding for the entire brand. We have many projects in which we show the growth of our clients. Of course, there are decreases, but their percentage is minimal. We guide companies so that they use their identification. If they do not have it - we create it. With a good website, good SEO and created brand identification, we create amazing advertising campaigns. Check us out, check out KamikStudio


In existing projects, we always start with an audit. The audit gives an overview of SEO = Technologies, Content and Links. We estimate the budget based on the audit. We increase positions, monitor competition, link, do word-of-mouth marketing, publish content, and increase efficiency
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Graphic services, identification

We start with icons, banners, posters, business cards. We will make the brand logotype, basic visual identification and a full brand book. We will help you create your image on the web. We take care of details, we match colours. Soon we will create a second company to manage this area!
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First question - is there a marketing calendar? If not - that's where we start. We plan actions, social media. We publish posts, create campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads. We create product campaigns on the Internet, on popular websites and more...
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