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8 March 2021
Which SSL Certificate to choose, what you need to know about SSL. SSL free or SSL paid. SSL certificate differences

Which SSL certificate to choose. Today I will try to talk comprehensively about the SSL certificate. I will dispel many doubts, and tell you about new solutions. If you don't want to waste your time and buy SSL with -20% discount then click here and order with code: LH-20-60773 Table of contents Who issues an […]

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19 February 2021
How to place a key phrase

How to place a key phrase. How to place a key phrase? Today I will write everything chaotically, but without pouring water. Back to the question, that is, the eternal question of SEOs, and those beginners. There are many tutorials and articles. However, why pour water when you can say it directly. My key phrase […]

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15 May 2019
+82,000 in 70 days thanks to Remarketing!

82,720.14 PLN in 73 days that's how much I earned for the company I work for. How? Read more This entry, will be exceptionally short. Due to the fact that all my work has already been described by Pawel Kepa, for whom I gave an interview at the beginning of 2019. My efforts in Facebook […]

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24 April 2019
How to account for SEO. Positioning is a process. Don't be fooled

How to account for SEO - What the entry will be about How to account for SEO, or how to account for SEO should be known by everyone. Every once in a while a startup is created in Poland, and decent companies go by the wayside. Behind everything goes the price, of course. However, for […]

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28 March 2019
Google Analytics - Guide Series

Google Analytics - A series of tutorials by KamikStudio that will teach you how to move freely with the tool. Google Analytics is an underrated tool by many marketers. Too bad. Many people ask a lot of questions aboutwhether it is worth using Google Analytics. How many people use Google Anal ytics and how often […]

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8 March 2019
Google graphics part of search network for product ads

Google graphics is now part of the search network for product ads. An important announcement from Google on March 8, 2019. Google graphics is a rich source of images, and a key step in the purchase path of millions of users. Potential customers often use this service to search for ideas, guides, products and images […]

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6 March 2019
Online store - which one to choose?

Online store - which one to choose? SaaS-type store? Or is it OpenSource? Magento or Prestashop? What kind of online store for beginners as well as advanced people. Or dropshipping? About all this I will try to write today Hi. I stated that I would share my knowledge and write today about which online store […]

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