Google graphics part of search network for product ads

Google graphics is now part of the search network for product ads. An important announcement from Google on March 8, 2019.

Google graphics is a rich source of images, and a key step in the purchase path of millions of users. Potential customers often use this service to search for ideas, guides, products and images related to key shopping categories such as fashion, home and beauty.

The end of March will see the integration of Google Graphics Search Network. This means that the product ads you are familiar with will automatically qualify* for display in search results for relevant keywords in Google Graphics.

Google Graphics - Google changes as of March 8, 2019. - Blog
Google Graphics - Google changes as of March 8, 2019. - Blog

Google Graphics: What it means for product campaigns

All product ads will automatically qualify* for display in Google Graphics. You no longer need to enable search partner networks to display product ads in Google Graphics.

Only in the case of Europe:

If you don't know what Google services display your ads in, check what price comparison service you have selected.

If your campaigns are currently displaying on search partner networks

You may notice a decrease in traffic coming from the search partner network and an increase in traffic coming from the search network. This is because Google Graphics was previously part of the search partner network. Note: historical traffic data from Google Graphics will continue to be part of the search partner network data and will not be included in the search network data.

If you don't currently have a search partner network enabled in your campaigns

Your ads will start displaying in Google Graphics, which can result in a 3-10% increase in traffic at a lower cost per click and comparable conversion rates.


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