82,720.14 PLN in 73 days that's how much I earned for the company I work for. How? Read more

This entry, will be exceptionally short. Due to the fact that all my work has already been described by Pawel Kepa, for whom I gave an interview at the beginning of 2019. My efforts in Facebook Ads campaigns have had an unexpected effect. At the present time with the date of this entry I invested approx. 3800 PLN gaining almost 114 thousand in earnings. Of course, it is not my money. This is money I earned for the company where I work. In the interview you will find out how I did it 馃檪

Pawel Kepa or Little Village Company

Paul, like me, is involved in e-marketing. It educates and creates valuable content in our industry. As I mentioned Paul invited me to an interview, which you can see here: https://www.pawelkepa.pl/pl,203,case-study-8272014-zl-dodatkowej-sprzedazy-w-sklepie-online-w-73-dni. The interview, too, is available on YouTube (below).

Remarketing is the cheapest customer acquisition

To begin with, let's clarify the definitions. We do marketing for new people. If we want to attract customers we display ads to them. If we already have a customer who buys from us, or has done any interaction - we remind them that we are there. As you'll notice in the screengrab above, I got the cheapest customer already buying. Remarketing is the display of ads to an already "caught" customer/user. However, I will talk about this in other posts.

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